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We offer a full range of marketing services combined with our small business qualities including flexibility, dedication and reliability to service our clients. Our objective is to ensure we help you achieve your company targets in the most cost effective manner. Check out our core areas of expertise below.


We have proven success with attracting new customers at a cost effective CPA as well as retaining a large database to achieve challenging KPI metrics. Competition is fierce and customers have the luxury of a varied list of alternatives to your business, the key is to make them not want to explore elsewhere. We have proven techniques to keep your customers returning while achieving a return on your investment.


We are experts in understanding key customer touch points to ensure customers continue to engage and spend with your brand. Relationship with the customer is vital for any business regardless of their size and status. Ultimately, the management of your relationship and tone of voice with existing or new customers could be the difference between them purchasing your product or going to a competitor.

With experience managing over 150 brands, we understand the importance of CRM and best practice when it comes to communicating with the customer. This includes contacting customers through email, direct mail, site pop-ups, social media, sms and phone calls.

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Make your player journey exciting and increase customer value by 30%. We provide creative ways to entertain your customers and increase retention. Gamification is the process of giving your customers access to your product or service whilst adding a fun game element often with input from the customer.

We are focused on helping partners provide some form of gamification to their customer journey. A basic example of gamification would be to offer your customers the chance of receiving 10%, 20% or 30% discount when they next hit the checkout. The customer is empowered knowing that they will definitely receive some discount but with a chance of a notable discount. The likelihood of a customer to purchase again at a later date is significantly increased knowing that there may be another exciting chance of saving money and receiving a discount .

VIP Management

We have managed some of the biggest customers in the online gaming space and retained them for many years through careful and effective VIP management.

Many companies do not reward VIP customers appropriately for their spend activity and sometimes this can result in the customer duration and lifetime value becoming heavily reduced. A common reason is that companies simply do not know how to reward customers appropriately or even how to approach the customer. With significant experience within a leading online gaming brand we understand how to recognise potential key clients, retain them and reactivate lapsed customers. Most importantly, we know how to reward them appropriately and enough that they feel valued whilst still being massively profitable to the business.

It is essential that you don’t presume that your standard CRM process should satisfy your VIP customers because quite simply it isn’t enough. Your VIP customers need the individual attention that they deserve and this almost requires a unique CRM process just to suit their contact preferences, needs and spend habits. We can help you get closer to your key customers and ensure they are rewarded appropriately to keep them spending with you.

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Direct Mail

We have managed direct mail campaigns on a monthly basis for the last 3 years so we understand the key fundamentals. We are specialists in ensuring you a successful return on investment.

Direct mail is bread and butter to our business. Managing the process starting from the objective, through to concept and design, data preparation, print and campaign analysis, we offer a full managed service.

Within our service, we can also give you direction of supporting marketing techniques to ensure that you fully optimise your direct mail campaign This includes landing page design, along with appropriately timed web pop-up messaging, email, sms and even phone calls.

Web Design

Web Design is another area of expertise for Play Gamified with many years of experience within the team. We have designed over 30 websites in recent years, so we can assist you with all design requirements to ensure that your website is appealing for your customers. We can also assist with the development of your email templates, direct mail, web banners and general design requirements.

We are UX certified therefore we can examine and improve your user experience by enhancing the customer journey. Analysing factors including layout and usability of your website, the focus on ‘call to action’ buttons and even the general wording can affect your success. We use tried and tested methods to evaluate the performance and improve areas that are not performing in order to enhance your conversion rate.

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